I’m still alive.

The redneck rollor coaster didn’t work well because of striping gears and weight issues so I have given up on that for now. You really need to do that with power functions. I haven’t started work on anything else because I’ve been really busy lately but if you have an idea for something that I should build, please share and I will hopefully begin working on projects soon.

3 thoughts on “I’m still alive.

  1. Hmmm… ideas? How about robots that help you in everyday life. You could create a pencil case robot with drawers for pens, pencils and other stuff. Or some sort of light bot that turns out your light from your bedside.

    • That robot was disassembled a while ago, so I cannon’t make instructions. A few tips from what i can remember though – Both sides were powered separately, so that it could turn, and then i used 5 medium size gears on each side to transfer the power from the top to the bottom (I suggest these gears over anything else, as bigger ones would stick out farther than the treads) – the gear ration from the motor was 1:1 which was a good ratio.

      You should be able to figure out a design from the pictures, but its basically two squares stuck to the side of the NXT with the two motors underneath.

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