The main piece of the robot is the forklift. The 2 motors and wheels and the NXT were basically added on at the end when I built the robot.

Here you can see the mechanism for the forklift. The gears make a 1:5 ratio (1:3 if you only have NXT 2.0 and follow the instructions) making it pretty strong but generally the robot will tip enough for items to fall off of the forklift before the forklift can’t lift anymore.  The gears move a lift arm up and down which is connected to a 5m piece which is connected to the bar that moves up and down, overall it moves up and down pretty smooth.






Forklift programs for NXT 2.0

These programs are made for the forklift when using the building instructions. In each program it limits the top and bottom so that you can’t break anything.

You can download them here (in .zip format)

Forklift programs for modified forklift

These programs are made for the forklift but with 40 and 8 tooth gears as shown in the video instead of the 36 and 12 double bevel tooth gears giving a 1:5 ratio instead of 1:3 and it skips less than the double bevel gears.

You can download them here (in .zip format)

In each zip there are 3 programs, both sets of programs are similar but have different limits the modified ones have an m in the front of the file name


2 button forklift control

For use with using 2 touch sensors (plugged into ports 1 and 2). the touch sensors are used for driving and then you press the enter button to change the direction, the right arrow for moving the forklift up and the left arrow to move the forklift down


Fork control

This requires the PSP-NX-v3 (plugged into port 1). This uses the right joystick for speed and direction (up and down) and the left joystick for turning (left and right) I prefer this way as opposed to using one joystick for both (like in the next program down) because it is easier to go perfectly straight and it is also easier to control turns (once you get the hang of it). It also uses R1 to move the forklift up and L1 to move the forklift down. Select resets the forklift at 0 and then ends the program.


Fork control single joystick

This requires the PSP-NX-v3 (plugged into port 1). This uses the right joystick for moving the robot and the left joystick for moving the forklift, one of the nice things about this program compared to the other programs is that you can control the speed of the forklift moving up and down as opposed to the other ones where the speed is fixed. Select resets the forklift at 0 and then ends the program.


You can download the instructions here(PDF).

You can download the LDraw files here(Zip).

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