Forklift testing

I’m back from vacation for good now and have finished my prototype of a forklift that uses no string, linear actuators, pneumatics or rack gears. It works pretty well. Ultimately I will have a  polished program and instructions but I first have to modify it for NXT 2.0 only (I think all I have to do is change the gears and the back wheel). Podcast with final version and instructions should be out by the end of the week.

I’m Back!!

Well, sort of. Camp is over but I’m going on vacation till Friday but I can know start thinking an old designing my next model, I currently have built a forklift that doesn’t us any string or a linear actuators (or anything else not in the NXT 2.0 set) and might make a video but it’s not that interesting and was just a proof of concept, I’m currently looking for ideas but I think I’m going to attempt a walking robot since I have never built a fully functioning one before and then eventually that might turn into a boxing robot (but first I have to the walking down). So in my spare time I will thing and jot down some ideas. Do you have any ideas, please post them in the comments.