Official websites

Mindstorms: Official Lego® Mindstorms website. includes downloads, instructions, and the NXT Log for inspiration.

Dexter Industries, HiTechnicMindsensors: If you want a NXT sensor, multiplexers or controller, chances are one of these three places will have it.

Rebrickable: Add your sets and extra parts and find out what other MOC or Lego® sets you can build with the pieces you have and if you can build others by buying a few extra.

Robowaiter: Robowaiter is a competition in which a robot has to go to a plate, pick it up with cereal on it, drive it to another table, put down the plate, and then go back to start. we have been a part of this competition and done will for 2 years – making it three.

Blogs/Websites of LEGO® fans (young and old)

Bazmarc: Marc-André’s, a great AFOL and creator of the LEGO® WALL-E, website and blog about NXT robots and his travels with them,

Benedettelli Robots: Danial Benedettelli’s website of great robots, and information about his 2 books

Bot Bench: Xander’s blog about NXT.

Kwon8429’s garage: Soonsuk’s (Kwon8429) blog about Lego Technic and Power Functions

More Than Just Bricks: Mark Crosbie’s blog about Lego and what he’s building

Nico71’s creations: 23-year-old, Nick from France’s blog.

NXT Geek: Freshman Michael OKeefe’s blog about what he is building.

NXT Loop: Maerskfan’s blog about what he is building (recently changed from NXT log).

Sariel: “Sariel’s custom LEGO Technic creations.”

Techn’xt: “The unofficial LEGO podcast” by Joey.

The NXT Step: A (very) up to date blog about Lego® NXT.

Robot Square: Laurens Valk’s blog about his creations and his 5 books.

R J McNamara: Ray’s NXT blog about what he’s currently building.

World of Mindstorms: Great blog from freshman Leon Overweel with lots of awesome robots.


Brick link: Buy and sell used or new Lego® of all kinds.

Lego® Gear ratio calculator: Find what gears fit with liftarms and bricks and find out the ratios – made by Sariel (his blog is mentioned above).

Mindboards: great forums for everything Mindstorms.

NXT Programs: great place to get started. provides many building instructions with programmes for NXT 1.0 and NXT 2.0 sets.

Pick a Brick:  Buy individual Lego® Bricks and Technic pieces.

Philo’s NXT site: want to know how to make your own cables or what the inside of a motor looks like?

Team Hassenplug: Website about Steve Hassenplug (but not a blog). his NXT page has some great info.

Technicopedia: History about Technic sets and the years parts were released.

The Mindstorms Annual Online Competition:  Competition with NXT logger  idkwhoyouare (or the idkwhoyouare on youtube)

Is your blog or another great site missing? – comment below.

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