Time lapse

Time lapse

This robot holds a camera and moves it up, down, left, right.

It has 2 motors to move it up and down, they move a beam with wheels up and down with a 1:5 gear ratio. the turntable turns the camera with a 1:56 gear ratio using a worm gear. I manly used this for time lapses because it can turn very slow and controlled because of the worm gear.


Time lapse

This program turns the turning motor a few degrees every 1 second. This was designed to work with the program on my computer to take a time lapse. I plug my camera into a video adapter in my computer (with a long wire through the back yard) and then use tilaphos to take a picture every second. The first two videos in the podcast used that program, the first one is played back at 210 FPS and the second at 150 FPS. The third time lapse was taking with an iPhone at 1 picture every 15 seconds using Gorillacam and played back at 30 FPS.

You can download the program here.

Remote control

This program was used to remote control the robot with my PSP-Nx-V3. It uses the right joystick to move it up, down, left right.

You can download the program here.


You can download instructions here (PDF).

You can download the MLcad files here (.zip).

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Working on the Robot

Working on the Robot

So if you’ve not figured it out yet, this is a time lapse robot, what it does s it is programs to move very slowly and my computer will take pictures from the camera every 1 second, int eh end you get pictures like below ….. just 7000. i also used my iPod touch to take a time lapse of the time lapse robot but it only took pictures every 15 seconds due processor limitations. full time lapse will be in the video coming out probably on Saturday.