Future Projects

If you have any ideas for future projects, please comment.

Current project:

Coming up

  • Something with lots of treads I have 6 treads (3 pairs), and I want to build something that will use all of them (any ideas – comment below!)
  • Stair climber 2.0 – I want to remake my stair climber stronger and more compact.
  • A walking robot – A walking robot
  • Lego stress tester– A robot that test how many times you can use a Lego brick – based on this – by the way – I’m having trouble finding a mechanism to grip the bricks – any ideas?

6 thoughts on “Future Projects

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  2. Mega-ultra large anti flipping tank! Basically treads on both sides, make it with enough suspension to withstand decent drops e.g. off a small chair

    • My Cube Bot was similar to that, except that it had no suspension and it could only work on 4 of the 6 sides. I don’t have any suspenders so it would be hard and I would have to use torsion bars to do it, also i only have rubber treads, which are not that great with suspension.

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