Tow truck

Tow truck


This hasn’t changed much from my testing video since I didn’t get to get the parts that I wanted (like the air tanks) but I’m still happy with the design overall. there is 1 motor to drive, geared 2:1. 1 motor for steering. and one motor for the arm gears 1:5.


the program is what changed the most since last time. for one, I made it so that all the operations (steering, driving, arm movement, etc.) where in separate loops so that if one got stuck (like the steering wheels got stuck, which happened a few times during early testing) then the rest of the operations wouldn’t stop and the driving and other things will still be controllable. the only problem with this is that this is almost too much for the NXT to handle so the response was not as fast at I would have liked, but the improvement that I liked the most with the up and down arrows for the arm. up reset it at the top. and down put it at the right height for picking up/dropping off the car, which made using the arm very easy.

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