Automatic Light Switch

Automatic Light Switch

So I’ve been having some trouble with the video and I’ve been trying to fix this but decided that it wasn’t worth it. There are pictures at the bottom.


This can be easily split up into 3 separate parts: Top, Middle, and Bottom.


So this part is built onto the light switch cover. the 2 side studded beams are slightly under the cover and the top beam helps hold it from sliding down off but it is tuck on very tightly so it there was little fear of it falling. The two pneumatics slowly push the switch up and down.

Left: on, Below: off


So the only problem I ran into when building this was the middle since i did’t want to hang the NXT from the cover I had to make pneumatic tubes go all the way to the ground. I had to string lots of pneumatic tubes together to make it go down far enough and int eh end the tank, motor controlling the valve, and the gauge were all hanging from the tubes.


The bottom has the dial and the pump, it also has the ultrasonic sensor, touch sensor, and the color sensor. I built an adapter so that the head can be turned to face in the room for the motion control program.

Turned to face room                   Facing forward


I also made 3 programs

Alarm clock

This is the same as the alarm clock program for the Light Alarm but edited to pump air and turn the valve. In this program you set how long to the alarm then the lights turns on, alarm sounds, and the color sensor flashes when it’s time for the alarm to go off.

You can download the program here.

Motion automatic control

This program automatically turns the lights off when there is no motion for 1 minute and keeps tehm on/turns them on when there is motion.

You can download the program here.

Walk in and out

This program can be very useful and very annoying. This waits till it sees motion across the door and when it sees motion it  changes the lights (if there off it turns it on and if there on it turns them off). It only works with one person and it annoying when it gets out out sync but I found it very useful for my bedroom because I wouldn’t forget to turn the lights off when I leave and I didn’t have to turn them on when I came in and it never went out of sync for me but the batteries do die quickly since the NXT has to poll the ultrasonic over and over so it may only last a day endless you have the rechargeable pack plugged into the wall.

You can download the program here.

Light alarm

Light alarm

This is a simple robot that turns on the lights after a certain amount of time. It turns a dimer that is connected to extension cords. Overall this is pretty simple – I only made one program and that program counts down till the alarm then goes off when time is up. You can download the program here. There will be a second version that works with normal room light switches – I’ll post about that soon.

Also – the belt looks really loose in the pictures but you’ll notice in the video that there is a weight on the back of the board that stops the board from bending and keeps the belt tight.