Hi my name is Timothy Endersby. I am 16 and a sophomore in high school. I have been playing with Lego Mindstorms for over 3 years. I have an NXT 2.0, a pneumatic set, an M motor, the Education Resource Set and some extra Technic pieces. Along with robotics, I also enjoy making videos and fixing computers, I also work with VEX robotics in my school robotics club.

You can find me on YouTube and NXT Log on Facebook  or on Google+

You can contact me at mindstorms.podcast@gmail.com.

Here are my Lego parts – 2 bins with dividers-pretty useful. I got the grey sorting tray from knex education and the blue box is from the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Resource Set

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Tim. I am a Mindstorms geek. I like your show too. could you make building instructions for the Robowaiter. thanks

    • Are you going to be in the competition? I can’t make instructions since I have long taken it apart but i would suggest using smooth wheels (like NXT 2.0 as drive wheels and then rotocasters or wheels missing the tires as the back.. As for the arm, that will be very experimental I also suggest making it all modular and make the arm easily adjustable. it was easy to get to the batteries and move the arm up and down because of this. and defiantly use a rechargeable battery if you have one – i don’t but i know it just makes things easier. Obviously I’m not going to give away all my secrets as i’m most likly competing this year but I’m thinking that this will be my last year and after this year, i might post my code and building instructions – but only after the competition

      • I think I might start work on my competition robot after the stair climber I’m working on now. Also, there are several blog posts from the past two years showing what my robot looked like and videos of it competing

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