Building instructions

Find out if you have the parts by going to



A tank using two sets of rubber treads to create a strong, robust and compact tank.

Half Tracked

My half tracked vehicle.

Ackermann Steering Geometry

Better steering geometry. Was used on the half-tracked car.

Snow Crawler

Robot that can easily drive off-road and on snow

Rocket launcher

Robot that can shoot a small rocket (made of Lego) up to 40 feet.

Smart Car 2.0

A car designed for great control and also can do many things autonomously, like driving and parallel parking. Is Remote controlled using the PSP-NX-v3 controller.


Robot designed for outside use. you can build it with 1 NXT 2.0 set or add bigger wheels and PSP-NX-v3 for an even greater experience.


Robot designed to be a forklift using only the parts in NXT 2.0, not even string was used. there are also info about modifying it with some extra parts and 3 different programs that you can use.


Robot designed to hold a camera and help make great Time-lapses by making slow moments or it could be a remote controlled motorized tripod head.

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