RoboWaiter is a competition in Hartford Connecticut at Trinity College were you go and pick up a plate than drive across the arena and put it down. This is harder than it sounds though. There are multiple obstacles in the arena. There are multiple options you can do to decrease your score also (it’s like golf – lower score = better) like having it come home and having real food on the plate. The idea from this came from if a disabled person was home alone  how would they get their food.  You don’t have to build the robot on spot (we spent several months on it in 2011) but you get all morning to practice in the arenas and then when they test it you get three trials. They score by taking your time and then multiplying it for each or the options to speed is also  important.



Read my latest post for info on my preparation.


Robot TJE

I got second place on my own this year and am very happy about my performance considering the only team that beat me was a team from Indonesia who had an awesome robot but it was a kit – video about it below.


Robot JTP

We got 5th place along with best in Connecticut (a $500 prize) and $200 from IEEE.

For more information on RoboWaiter go here.

For more information on the Trinity College robotic contest go here.

For RoboWaiter rules go here mainly (pages 63 through 72)(PDF).

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    • It’s not a font, it’s a picture I made using a picture of a beam = you’ll notice that all the beams have the same number of holes

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