Truck with Precise Control

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve changed the name from racing truck to just truck. this is because there was too much friction and it was too big that having a fast gear ration didn’t work well. So I did a 1:1 gear ration and focus on how controllable it was since the two motors were linked with a differential, so different speeds on the two motors made different gear ratios and speeds. It created smooth moment and power.

Gear train

2 motors with one to one gear ration – 1 differential to add them together – drive train – differential – differential.

I enjoyed building this since this is my first build with differentials.


Nothing out of the ordinary for the program. It’s controlled by the PSP-NX-V3. When the program first starts, it finds the center for steering using the Hitechnic PID block. R1 turns the steering right, L1 turns it left, R2 returns it to center. The two joysticks control the two drive motors.

You can download it here.

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