RoboWaiter 2013

I was a little disappointed about my results this year but I still did better than my first year (2011). I only got 1 trial correct but that one trial was the best trial I’ve gotten ever, but, due to chance/human error, trial 2 and 3 were a fail, lowering my score. Trial 2 seemed to fail due to a shake of some sort. I slowed down that part in the video but I’m still confused as to what happened.  In trial 3, the table was lower (there was more than one arena), in the rules it did say that it was supposed to deal with a bit of variation (but it also has said that the last 2 years I’ve done this, but never changed the height). Overall, this is still the best robot out of all three years, if i had completed all three trials successively  I believe that i would have gotten second again. They have not posted the final results yet, so I just know that i didn’t get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, since they announced that.

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