Rocket Launcher


This uses 3 motors and 2 sensors. On the controller it uses the Touch sensor as the trigger button and the color sensor as an indicating light. There is also a motor on the controller that controls the angle of the launcher. It s linked with the motor that moves the launcher up and down. The third motor moves a 5m beam up and down. When the beam is up it holds the rocket back, and when you press the touch sensor, the beam is pulled down and the rocket is released. The rocket is down a ramp by a rubber band and then fly’s of the ramp.


The program is pretty simple. First you pull the rocket back with the rubber band than turn the black knob to move the beam up – as soon as the beam is about halfway up the motor begins to turn to make sure its all the way up then lock. you can then use the motor on the controller to move the launcher up and down. then you press the orange button and the launcher locks its position and waits for you to press the touch sensor – when you press the touch sensor the rocket is released and the program starts over again.

You can download the program here.

Building Instructions

You can download the Building instructions here(PDF).

You can download the LDraw files here(Zip).

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