Beam Shooter

A simple robot that shoots beams and other things that are the same thickness like pencils and bushings.


There are 2 main motors geared up 32 times it’s speed –  which makes up o 4000 RPM output. shooting the beams very fast and pretty far. At the back there is a gear box (from and OLD BIONICLE set I think) and that adjusts the angle of the shooter up and down. The controller is one motor on the side for controlling the speed and a light sensor for indication the speed range (0-11 is red 12-75 is blue and 75-100 is green) and information is displayed on the screen – read the next section for more info on that.


The program does a simple task of turning 2 motors but displays a lot on the screen. First it resets the motor on the controller and then the program is started. You use the motor to control the power – every degree = 1% of power. This program calculates the RPM and displays it in a bar and the number. it also displays the % power and the Output RPM. The RPM calculation is from NXT Programs: 3-Speed Transmission with Clutch.

You can download the program here.

My next project is probably going to b a rocket launcher.

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