New website….again

So I didn’t like the last website so i kept looking and i really like this theme. I think it’s going to stay for a while. What do you think – do you like the original website, the last website, or this one?

6 thoughts on “New website….again

  1. I like this one..nice and clean. BTW, I’m a relatively new to Mindstorms and I’m 50! I just started listening to and watching your podcast…Keep the good work! I’m adding your site to my blog roll.

    • I like how this one has a home page – the last one couldn’t do a nice homepage like that – I din’t like the white – it was too bright to me – also there was some annoying things about posting things like how it would change that picture at the top of the blog with new post but not the text to the right so i would sometimes forget to change the text (don’t think anyone notice though). I do need a new header though – what do you think the new header should look like?

        • Your websites is mastering Mindstorms right? – when i click on your name it goes to makingmindstorms (and that is listed as private) so i guess that you need to change what your primary blog is by going to the dashboards of one of your websites and going to my blogs and selecting the primary one. Also, all add your real website to my links page.

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