So decided not to make a video for this robot (it;s kind of hard to make a video of a robot that doesn’t move……and also it’s hard when you let someone borrow your SD card so you can’t take videos anyways). Instead – I will just wrote about it and show you all the tests I made.


This is pretty simple – This is made of 12 parts – the robot itself just needs to hold a sensor.


The program takes a reading from the color sensor every 1 second (this can be changed easily , then puts it after the time in seconds, with a coma in between (time in seconds, light reading). this puts it into comma-separated values. So I can take the .txt file it writes to, upload it onto my computer, and then change the file extension from .txt to .csv and it reads in two columns in excel, then I just have to highlight the seconds column and insert a line graph.

You can download it here


I did lots of different tests to show how this could be used.


(readings taken every .1 seconds to improve accuracy)

Outside testing

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