Drink dispenser

This Robot dispenses 3 different color juices (red, blue, green) into a cup.


The hardware is pretty simple, there are 3 motors, each controlling a different valve to release air into the different bottles (causing the juice to flow out). They are on a “stand” because the pipes aren’t long enough to I had to move the motors higher up/closer to the top of the bottles. The dispenser is also pretty simple. It’s holds the tubes over the cup and also holds all the sensors. the lever on the left is what you pull to have it pour water. the orange lever on the right is the emergency off lever, it closes the valves immediately and then ends the program. The ultrasonic senses when the cup is there. The color sensors senses the light reflection of the cup, if it’s the correct cup (as setup at start of the program) then it will allow you to choose a juice then pour, if it’s the incorrect amount of reflection, then it will tell you that it is the incorrect cup.


This is what took the longest and I’m proud about. It’s got a great interface and it’s pretty big. Basically, first you have the setup screen – you place the cup in the dispenser and it sets the cup reflection amount for the whole program. Then it goes to the start screen which asks you to place the cup in the dispenser. then when it senses a cup, it will tell you if it’s the correct sup or not, if correct, it then lets you chose a color, then you pull the lever to pour, then back to the home screen.

You can download it here.

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