This is the final version of the crane. as you can see the base was well improved from the last one, the turntable stays securely connected to the base, the worm gear slips less, it doesn’t tip over as much and when it does it doesn’t break as much. I also made a spot to  hold the weight.


Nothing special about this program really but you can download it here.



The base was the hardest part to design because of how string it had to be, because it had to hold the weight of everything without tipping or breaking under the leverage. There is a 2 pound weight at the back to help ballance.

Crane arm:

The crane arm is moved by 1 motor geared down 1:5 and it is pretty strong, It can lift the whole Lego building in the video when the batteries are fresh (but they were dying in the video) The string it pulled by the pulley on the motor opposite the arm motor.

This robot will be on NXT Log soon.

Thanks to musikConomy for intro/outro music

You can download and subscribe to me on iTunes

You can also download an iPod/iPhone version here

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