Off-Roader new building instructions

I finally finished making great looking building instructions for the Off-Roader. You can download them here. I’m very happy with the results. The easiest way to do this is to get the LDraw suit. That comes with MLCad to build the robots, LDview to view the robots, and LPub for the instructions. What I did was I mainly built it in MLCad but i also used SR 3D building to help since some parts wouldn’t snap in right with MLCad, all you have to do is change the file extension from .ldr to l3b to use the MLCad file in SR 3D Builder. The last, and most important thing is that you need to add steps and rotation steps, just right click the box above the 4 building boxes in MLCad and click add step or add rotation step. . a rotation step rotates the robot in the directions since it will not dot hat automatically (note, in my instructions, every time the robot turned, I had manually put that in there. I also had to put every step in so when putting it into MLCad, build it in the order you would build it. Also, if you want to have the builder build a separate part first, build that , save it, then import it as a part in the final file. Then, open it up in LPub and look through the instructions and make sure they are correct, you can add more steps to a page by right clicking and clicking add step. I then used Adobe Acrobat to edit the PDF, add a cover page and make the parts list.

It is also possible to export an LDD as a MLCad file but you later have to put the steps in.

Final instructions here

If your confused and would like to see all the files, you can download them here (in Zip format)

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