NXT Log account changes and news about my summer

Don’t know if everyone connected that I was littletim97 on the NXT Log (I kinda assumed that everyone knew but really, why would you? so anyways, I’m making a new account with the username mindstorms.podcast, that way everyone knows who I am (also, doesn’t littletim sound stupid and make me look like I’m five – the 97 is for my birth year). Havent posted any projects yet.

Also, this will likely be my last post for 2 months. i’m leaving for the summer and not bringing my LEGO (or the internet) with me. I might be able to post something but i don’t really know what to build right know. After the summer i plan ong getting the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Resource Set and then building a car because I have parts for a transmission and a differential.

Thanks for a great year!

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