Moment of Genius!!

So I just realized how I can gear the robot down without running into problems disused in the last post. This was my (accidental) strike of genius!

So I was gearing the robot to go a bit faster (big to small to medium – black gears) so that the ratio would be 1.8:1

And I accidentally put the last gear (show above, bottom left) on the wrong side of the lift arm (shown below)

and I really meant to put that gear on the other side like I had been doing with the other gear setups.

Then I thought, hey, why didn’t I switch the gears around since there doesn’t have to be a gear on the other side (which was what was causing the problem because it was hitting the motor when it was too close – so this is what I ended up with:

So I then had 1:1.8 – i was trying to get 1:2 or 1:3 but this is good enough since it is easy and strong.

And then, of course, I messed around with the rotocasters

By the way – new wheels come on tuesday

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