Off Roader prototype

This is my first prototype of thee Off Roader that I’m building. The gearing here is 1:1 but that will defiantly change since I’m going to get some bigger wheels from a friend (which obviously means more speed, less strength). Also, I plan on putting some sensors on it and then later, making the program work nicely and display things on the screen (currently it’s using the same one as on the motorcycle. Also I’m going to move the axle in the back that connects the two drive wheels together. I’m going to change the axle connected to the wheels and then connect the two sides together higher up so that  there is a higher clearance. Currently, it’s “Off Road” abilities are not very good since when it hits a bump, the wheel;s just slide instead of climbing up the wall. It defiantly has enough strength to move though. I had trouble with the gearing because I had to move the wheels down enough to get a good clearance but the problem was. If I made the first set of gears (currently black) smaller (using the medium-sized black gear instead of the big black one) the gear on the other side (small grey) hit the motor. if I switch the first gears around (so that the small one is on the motor not the big one) the big gear would cover the hole were the axle goes through right now. If I had made the last gear (the medium-sized grey one) bigger, the axle that the gear would go through would not be able to turn because it’s not a hole but an axle hole. – Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Off Roader prototype

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