So I built a motorcycle but it didn’t work very well, I couldn’t get it to balance well and it flipped over allot. It went pretty fast with a gear ratio of about 3:1 and 2 motors powering the wheels

I’m surprised at how unstable it was since you’ll notice it had 2 wheels and training wheels and it would just flip over the training wheels.

LEGO™ Gear Ratio Calculator

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle…fail

  1. I think you have the wheels geared up to much try something like 24:8 but I think that the ratio 3:1 is why your motorcycle flipped so much. Also the reciever to your psp remote might make it want to lean toward that side if it is heavy. Hope that helped!

    • the reason why it was on that side has because the motor turning the front wheel has all of it’s mass on the other side (since it’s on it’s side the the “hump” is on the opposite side, so the balance wasn’t too off. also I can control the speed since it is using the joystick to control it but, in general it just tipped over too much and i decided that motorcycles weren’t for me (and i was getting bored of the idea)

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