“Smart” Car

This is my entry into the NXT Car Building Challenge!
The steering mechanism is based of the “racecar” off of NXT programs. There is also an ultrasonic sensor on it (as you can see to the left). The ultrasonic sensor is always facing the direction of where it is going making it more useful in programming than just having one that faces straight.
Drive wheels
The back drive wheels are geared 3:1 so on smooth ground it works great but on rough ground and carpet it does not work so well. You can also gear it 1:1 (with gears not included in NXT 2.0) and 1:3 (by switching the gears).
The Program is for use with the PSP-Nx-v3 from mindsensors. It is remote-controlled using a joystick. the ultrasonic is used to slow the robot down whenever it is driving forward towards an object. That way it is easier to avoid objects. The color sensor is red when it is close to something and green when it is far away from something.

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video: iPod

Thanks to musikConomy for intro/exit music

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