PSP-NX-v3 Testing

I got the PSP-Nx Combo with Wireless Controller for my Birthday. This comes with a PlayStation 2 Wireless controller and the PSP-Nx converter which you can plug a PS2 controller or wireless receiver into and get a sensor output for the NXT.  From that you can receive from the 16 buttons (Triggers, bumpers, R3, L3, D pad, Shapes, select, start) and X/Y axis from the 2 joysticks. To test this out I built 2 robots. First I built a simple skid steer robot with a rotocaster as the back wheel. Then I used a program from Mindsensors to start off with so that i could learn how the programming works. I also downloaded the NXT-G block. I then built the HiTechnic RotaBot and used ­R J McNamara’s program to make it work with the robot. – His code was written in NXC which I do not know so I couldn’t edit it. As you can see in the video – this robot can drive in any direction without turning. This robot requires Rotocasters and NXT 2.0 set.

Video: iPod

Thanks to musikConomy for intro music

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